that's me - Stephanie Boman!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living, breathing and dreaming words

Wow, nothing like work in the real world to sap the creativity right out of you. But I persevered. I had billing to do this week and tried to cram revising in around it. I can see the finish line, so I'm in one of those focus modes where everything else gets ignored. To whit these exchanges of late:

Darling Daughter: "Mom, I'm weepy and mopey because I'm in teenage angst and turmoil, what do I do?"

Me: (Fingers furiously typing)
"Uh huh."

Wee One: "Mommy, I'm throwing fits and acting out in general because I need attention."

Me: (Scanning critiques)
"That's nice, sweetheart."

Hubby: "Honey, there's no clean underwear."

Me: (Eating TJ's mint ice cream cookies...uh, I mean, revising my synopsis)

Stinky Pete: "Rowr?" (translation, "Would you like me to shed cat hair in every corner of the house?")
Me: (Showing, not telling) "
'K, thanks!"

Housework: "That stinky smell is not the laundry/dishes/bathrooms that need to be cleaned, we swear."
Me: (Spell checking)
"Wha?..., um, fine, thankyou."

And the to-do list grows longer than the scarf Aunt Rita knitted for Christmas. Responsibilities are ignored, calls not returned, obligations not met, balls dropped...
Just publish me and put me out of my misery, for crying out loud!1!!