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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I need to work on this:
These are craft supplies. I'm in charge of a week's worth of crafts for ninety girls at the end of June. Final planning and purchasing needs to be done.

And there's this:
These are new-to-us chairs that need to be recushioned before they are taken to the cabin this weekend.

And unfortunately neither last nor least:
Mega laundry loads. A lot of this is due to camping at Santa Cruz. Campfire smell, mmmm. Aren't I brave to show you my messy laundry room?


Stephanie said...

LOL! That is mighty brave of you!!! You won't see me posting pics of my laundry room!! LOL!! Though you can see the floor now....which reminds me...i think my dryer alarm sounded like 10 minutes ago....

Good luck with the crafts!! Wow..and I thought doing one craft for like 20 kids on one day was gonna be a challenge!

Nicole Murray said...

Whats with all the kids and crafts? And the last pic looks like my closet floor! So brave my dear. ;-D

Candyland said...

You're crazy brave!!!Major props (did I just say props?)!

Ellie said...

You are brave; but I get it! My craft room looks
a lot worse! You can do it! Wow, that is a lot; how did you get that job?! Keep smelling the toasted marshmallows and you'll get it done!

Cheryl said...

Hi Steph, you are mega brave for showing us your laundry room floor. Can I help with ideas for the week of crafts? I have loads of stuff I could donate if you want.

Martha Lawson said...

Looks like my laundry room!!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing crafts for girls camp? I am :)


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