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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

to my writer friends . . .

Do you think Michealangelo ever looked at the Sistine Chapel and in retrospect thought, "I should have put that finger over there a little more"?

Do you think Mozart ever listened to one of his concertos and said, "man, I wish I'd made that a b flat at the start of the second movement"?

How about Rodin, did he ever look at one of his bronze pieces and think "that calf muscle could look more realistic"?

Do you think Michael Jackson ever watched a video of Thriller and said, "that really should have been step, step, thrust instead of step, step, kick"?

Seriously, are there any artists worse than writers in knowing when they're work is "done", that worry whether there isn't something more to change or make better?

How do you know when you're done?


Amanda said...

This was a great post! And your blog is beautiful! I have to say, I NEVER know when I'm done. Just last week I made one last pass of my MS before sending it off to my editor. I added another thousand words of "tweakage". And if I had another week...who knows, I might have added another thousand! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I imagine YES to all of them except Mozart. His works were fully composed in his head before he even reached for a quill pen. Therefore, there were no changes to be made.
He was special.
The kind of guy that rarely appears.
No idea. I have yet to finish anything. >.>

Lydia K said...

Ask me in a few months...I have never felt my work to be done. Maybe with this WIP, we'll see!

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